As St. Patrick's Day approaches, it's not just leprechauns and pots of gold that capture our imagination. Throughout history, superstitions and myths have woven their way into every aspect of our lives, including oral care in Kelowna. From luck-bringing wisdom teeth to lunar-influenced extractions, the dental realm has its fair share of fascinating beliefs.


Wisdom Teeth Wonders

Have you ever heard that wisdom teeth are good luck charms? Some people swear by it, transforming their extracted molars into pendants to ward off misfortune. Others claim that burning (or melting) these teeth brings prosperity.


Counting Teeth and Lunar Lore

In some cultures, counting your teeth is said to bring bad luck. Perhaps it's best to leave that task to the professionals, like our diligent dentists at Rutland Dental Centre in Kelowna, who closely watch your dental health. We count teeth everyday, and we haven’t experienced any bad luck!

As for extractions, there's a belief that pulling a troublesome tooth during a waning moon can minimize pain and hasten recovery. But we're inclined to believe that skillful dentistry trumps lunar phases any day.


Baby Teeth Tales

At Rutland Dental Centre in Kelowna, we've heard our fair share of quirky superstitions surrounding baby teeth. There is a curious custom of dropping a lost tooth into a rat hole to ensure the growth of a beautiful new one. As for late-blooming baby teeth, some see it as a sign of longevity, while others associate natal teeth with luck or even vampiric tendencies. It's a toothy tale that spans cultures and centuries.


Space Between Front Teeth Superstitions

There are many superstitions about the space between your front teeth. Here are just a few:

  • Spacing between front teeth signifies long life.
  • The spacing indicates you may spend that life far from your childhood home.
  • You will accumulate a lot of wealth.
  • Broad front teeth mean lots of travelling.
  • Conversely, if the teeth are set together or overlapping, you will spend your life close to your mother or birthplace.

Gaps and overlapping teeth can be problematic for oral hygiene and not aesthetically pleasing. Our dental care professionals can discuss a tailor-made solution to make you smile.


Separating Fact from Fiction

While dental superstitions make for entertaining stories, it's essential to remember that oral care in Kelowna is rooted in science and expertise. While you may enjoy tales of luck and fortune this St. Patrick's Day, remember to trust in the proven methods of oral hygiene recommended by Rutland Dental Centre. After all, a healthy mouth is a treasure worth more than gold at the end of the rainbow.


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