Dr. Mike StearnsOwner/Principal Dentist

Dr. Priya StearnsOwner/Principal Dentist

Dr. Jillian BelbinDentist

Dr. Lincoln LooDentist

Jenna MayesCertified Dental Assistant

Kim TrotzukCertified Dental Assistant

Calise SalterCertified Dental Assistant

Sarah BullockRegistered Dental Hygienist

Chris SuitorRegistered Dental Hygienist

Candice RoyRegistered Dental Hygienist

Colleen BoechlerAdministration/Reception

Amelia JensenAdministration/Reception

Accepting New Patients

We welcome new patients and will always make room for your family and friends. Please visit the new patients page to get a head start on filling in the required forms, and to book your appointment.

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