Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Clear aligner therapy, such as Invisalign, is a way to straighten your teeth, correct bite issues, and give you the smile that you deserve; all without the need for traditional brackets and wires. With additional advanced training in Invisalign, Dr. Mike Stearns, Dr. Priya Stearns, and the team at Rutland Dental Centre will be able to thoroughly review all your options and determine if you are a candidate for clear aligner therapy.

Traditional Brackets

Traditional braces, with either metal or ceramic brackets, still play a huge role in modern orthodontics. They are often the treatment of choice for children and teenagers, and for more complex adult cases. New bracket designs and wire materials have led to faster and more predictable treatment outcomes, allowing you to have the smile you have always wanted in a shorter period.

Accepting New Patients

We welcome new patients and will always make room for your family and friends. Please visit the new patients page to get a head start on filling in the required forms, and to book your appointment.

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